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House Painters Hadley & Son Painting Local House Painting Company of Maineville Oh 45039

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Exterior house painting by Hadley & Son Painting

          Hadley & Son Painting Maineville Ohio 45039
            Professional painters at affordable prices

 Spring cleaning and spring painting go hand in hand.

 Now is the best time to tackle painting projects. Hadley & Son Painting Maineville Ohio house painters, offers weekend and evening appointments for all your home painting needs.
   Utilizing over 28 years of painting experience and being a second generation experienced painter, we strive for your complete satisfaction.
    Whether you are looking to have your home interior painting done or the exterior painted, spring is the perfect time. As the weather warms it brings the best results for all your painting services needed. Also, adding a fresh clean look to any home interior or exterior. 
     Colors changes bring inviting charm to your home, as we pull out of the long winter months and saving you money if you just want to change up your decor by painting vs. expensive remodeling.
     Some of our house painting services are house painting, interior painting, exterior painting, pressure washing, business painting and office painting.
   You can visit our website for more details of our painting services listed, you can email us at or call us with any questions at 513-677-9918 and we will return your call.
 Our Maineville, Ohio, home painting company provides personal attention for all your house painting needs.


Hadley & Son Painting Maineville 45039 (513) 677-9918 Tips on the painting process Working with a local professional house painter is a rewarding experience!


House Painter Hadley & Son Pa

Working with a local professional house painter is a rewarding experience!   

 Tips on the

 painting process from start to finish

  Frequently I run into new clients who have never used a professional house painter before. Many time's they are do it your self house painters and for various reasons have decided to try  a professional house painting company. Once the painting client has made the choice to call in a professional they are not sure of what steps to take after the initial call to the  painting company, So here a few tips on how to proceed once you make the choice to use a professional house painter.

1) Choose a local house painting  company that is bonded and insured
2) Choose a local house painting company that has experienced painters and good painting reviews.
3) Make your initial call to schedule your painting estimate appointment
4) Make a list of any questions you have and your professional painter will be happy to answer and address any concerns you may have.
5) Thoroughly go over your painting project details with your painting professional at the time of your estimate (painting color changes, coats of paint, items to be painted, etc.)
6) Your painting estimate will be given to you from the house painting estimator
7) It is best to receive a written copy of your painting estimate and look it over in case either party missed any details and it can be addressed at that time.
8) Contact your house painting company if your painting estimate is acceptable  and let them know you accept and would like to proceed.
9) You will be given a date to start your painting project.
10) If you have not chose your painting colors, then you will want to do that at his time and confirm the date your house painter will need them. Your house painting professional can usually aid you with color sample books if needed.
11) Painting will being on the start date.
12) Once your house painting is complete look over it and also go over it with your house painter at this point to make sure it acceptable, If there are any issues, address it at this point, before you pay your house painting company.

  A professional house painter will start your job, cover items and lay drop clothes. Any personal  items that are irreplaceable I would recommend that you move these from the panting area, just for safety sake and peace of mind. Once your house professional house painter starts to work painting,  you should leave the area to be painted and let your house painter being. As a professional house painter makes it look easy and will accomplish the home painting quickly. As this is where the house painters experience comes into play and this is just one benefit from using a professional painter.
     Just a quick tip while your home is being painted.  If you pick a color and you find it doesn't suit you for any reason remember the house painter will be happy to change it for you, but  this would also incur an additional cost .  Let your house painter know as soon as possible and if caught early enough you can save the labor cost and only have the additional paint cost. Because if your not happy with a color it will take away from the painting experience.
   I hope these tips where helpful and are only general tips to inform you to know what to expect when calling a professional painter. Different companies may have difference procedures but this is just a basic idea of what to expect. This is for informational purposes only.


   House Painters Hadley & Son Painting Local 

House Painting Company of Maineville Oh 45039 


Painting Customer Tips:

  Peak painting season for all professional painters is March through October.  A common mistake many people make when deciding to paint their home and hire a professional painter, is to provide  an adequate time frame for the paint job from start to finish. Much like any other form of remodeling, when you hire a professional painter you need to allow adequate time for the painter to come to your home an do an estimate, before any painting work begins and then for the painter to put you on the painting  schedule. Most reputable painters are usually booked up during this time of year. So a good rule of thumb is 6 to 8 weeks in advance during the peak painting seasons of March through October  As a reminder don't expect to call a reputable house painter on Monday and expect to  have your paint job finished on Friday.


  1. Painting Tips:
    Summer is quickly approaching, along with the heat from the hot summer sun, thunder storms or hail storms. Now is the time to check you home exterior for any signs that it is time to paint. First look for signs of paint fading, that is the best time to consider repainting your home. The sun rays will continue to fade the paint and then left untreated, without a new coat of paint, the sun will keep damaging your painted exterior. Next comes the paint bubbling up from underneath and then the cracking paint begins. Once exterior paint is cracked moisture gets in, and is held in behind the paint that is cracked and begins to damage your wood. Left untreated the paint will start to peel leaving wood openly exposed to the elements and more damage occurs. A new exterior home painitng is the least expensive way to maintain the beauty of your home while avoiding more very costly repairs.

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