Wednesday, November 16, 2016

What type of paint finish should I select for my walls

Different types of paint finishes:

 Interior paint finish for walls and woodwork

   1) Flat finish: has a no sheen and hides most wall imperfections is not a washable finish
   2)  Matte finish:  has some sheen, it covers some imperfections and is a washable flat finish
   3) Satin Finish: has a low sheen, washable finish hides some imperfections
   4) Eggshell finish:  has a medium sheen and shows imperfections
   5) Semi gloss finish: some what shiny, is washable and durable, (usually used on trim and baseboards)
   6)  Gloss finish: has a high sheen, washable very durable for wood work, shows most imperfections 

Exterior Paint finish 
   1) Flat finish: has a no sheen covers imperfections
   2) Satin finish: has a low sheen and is a more durable finish.

    These are questions I am asked frequently hope this advice aides you in selecting  your interior or exterior paints. Always ask your professional house painter which finish he would recommend for your particular painting application. Your painter has the knowledge and know how to provide the best choices to you that will bring long lasting result. 
Your painter will be happy to purchase your paint for your home, saving you the time to decide which finishes are needed, how much paint you will need for the areas to be painted. Also saving you the time and the cost to go and pick up the paint. Your professional house painter also knows which brands are the best and longest lasting paints from the many years of painting experience.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Will a new paint job fix my walls? 

Some common problems of walls that may need to be replaced instead of painted. The photo shows different problems that may be on your home's walls right now. If you see any of the painting problems shown below you should contact a professional house painter to determine if your painting problems can be resolved or if it may be time to replace your interior walls.  Many times your house painting pro can resolve these problems but in some severe cases it may be time to replace your existing drywall.
1.)  Uneven or wavy edges or lines, paint color that runs on top of an existing color.
2.) Orange peel paint, where the paint is put on too heavy and has the appearance and texture of an orange peel.
3.) Roller marks, where the paint was applied to heavy and leaves imperfections, or long paint streaks on the wall.
4.) Drips or runs in the paint, when paint is applied to heavy and runs to cause a drip mark in your paint.
5.) Brush strokes , where paint is applied to heavy and unevenly leaving the stroke marks in the new paint with a ripple effect on the painted surface.
6.) Lap marks , where the paint was applied to slowly and marks are left on the painted surface.
7.) Paint clumps that were painted over and not removed from the wall.
8.) Poor patching or repairs that were performed improperly and shows light spots, uneven textures and uneven color.

 This information is provided to help aid in your home painting choices and is for informational purposes only. If you have questions you should always contact an experience professional house painter.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

What is the best type of paint for my house?

   Many of our house painting  clients make this statement:
" While at my local paint store, the store salesman suggested that I use the top of the line paint  brand for durability and to met my home painting needs." 
    The answer to this house painting question is no.  You should always consult with your house painter to analyze what best suits your painting needs. As the salesman may be knowledgeable on the paint itself, your experienced house painter knows the best type of paint for your painting job and what is cost effective. The paint store will sell the most expensive, top of line house paint to you. A high price doesn't always mean the best product when it comes to paint, don't pay for the name, consult your professional painter who uses the products and knows which paints perform the best.
  Remember that your professional house painter is a painting contractor who receives a much lower price on the paint that he purchases. Even if the painting store has a sale on house paint, your contractor is still paying a lower price than a homeowner.
    The local paint store salesman suggests that one brand and type of paint is going to hold up and have more durability than a lower cost alternative brand. This confuses the average person on what is actually the best pant to purchase. The salesman is selling because that is his job, yes he is knowledgeable about his product, because that is his job. Professional house painters who use these paints on a regular basis know which products perform the best, as they use these products on a daily basis. A professional painter can tell you which product does what the paint store salesman says it will do and which paint products fall short. 
    Also don't pay for a name, because a house paint cost more, and the paint store salesman said it will last longer, doesn't make it last longer . There are many factors that will effect the durability of any house paint and your professional house painter will know what paints performs well and what doesn't. 
 Hope this painting information helps and always consult a professional house painter for the most knowledge on what will provide the best choices for you when painting your house.

Friday, August 22, 2014

pressure washing decks, pressure washing houses
Pressure washing

    Pressure washing or repainting your home?

Interior house painters Exterior house painter Pressure washing services available

   Hadley & Son Painting offers pressure washing services for  houses, garages, decks, businesses, offices, and any out door structure. Pressure washing is a good way to keep your home or building looking fresh and clean. Removing mold and mildew, dirt, bugs, and debris. Why repaint your home when many times just pressure washing can renew it to that freshly painted look.

pressure washing decks pressure washing houses pressure washing services
Deck before pressure washing

           If you see green, its time to clean!!!

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House Painter Hadley & Son Pa

Working with a local professional house painter is a rewarding experience!   



 Tips on the painting process from start to finish

  Frequently I run into new clients who have never used a professional house painter before. Many time's they are do it your self house painters and for various reasons have decided to try  a professional house painting company. Once the painting client has made the choice to call in a professional they are not sure of what steps to take after the initial call to the  painting company, So here a few tips on how to proceed once you make the choice to use a professional house painter.

1) Choose a local house painting  company that is bonded and insured
2) Choose a local house painting company that has experienced painters and good painting reviews.
3) Make your initial call to schedule your painting estimate appointment
4) Make a list of any questions you have and your professional painter will be happy to answer and address any concerns you may have.
5) Thoroughly go over your painting project details with your painting professional at the time of your estimate (painting color changes, coats of paint, items to be painted, etc.)
6) Your painting estimate will be given to you from the house painting estimator
7) It is best to receive a written copy of your painting estimate and look it over in case either party missed any details and it can be addressed at that time.
8) Contact your house painting company if your painting estimate is acceptable  and let them know you accept and would like to proceed.
9) You will be given a date to start your painting project.
10) If you have not chose your painting colors, then you will want to do that at his time and confirm the date your house painter will need them. Your house painting professional can usually aid you with color sample books if needed.
11) Painting will being on the start date.
12) Once your house painting is complete look over it and also go over it with your house painter at this point to make sure it acceptable, If there are any issues, address it at this point, before you pay your house painting company.

  A professional house painter will start your job, cover items and lay drop clothes. Any personal  items that are irreplaceable I would recommend that you move these from the panting area, just for safety sake and peace of mind. Once your house professional house painter starts to work painting,  you should leave the area to be painted and let your house painter being. As a professional house painter makes it look easy and will accomplish the home painting quickly. As this is where the house painters experience comes into play and this is just one benefit from using a professional painter.
     Just a quick tip while your home is being painted.  If you pick a color and you find it doesn't suit you for any reason remember the house painter will be happy to change it for you, but  this would also incur an additional cost .  Let your house painter know as soon as possible and if caught early enough you can save the labor cost and only have the additional paint cost. Because if your not happy with a color it will take away from the painting experience.
   I hope these tips where helpful and are only general tips to inform you to know what to expect when calling a professional painter. Different companies may have difference procedures but this is just a basic idea of what to expect. This is for informational purposes only.


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Painted wall stripes customized for you


  We love stripes at

 Hadley & Son Painting

 Stripes are in for 2016

Painted stripes customized to you turns your room into a unique decor. Use vertical, horizontal, a favorite color or favorite team ? Incorporate that into your design for one of kind decor that is visually appealing.

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After painting color changes

local painter house painter interior painter home exteior painters 45039home painting, house painter, house painter maineville, house painting, interior painting, local house painters, Maineville exterior painting, painters, painting company, pressure washing, residential painters
Before painting picture

Before and After pictures

local painter house painter interior painter home exteior painters 45039home painting, house painter, house painter maineville, house painting, interior painting, local house painters, Maineville exterior painting, painters, painting company, pressure washing, residential painters
After painting color changes


Color changes 

Before and after pictures

local painter house painter interior painter home exteior painters 45039home painting, house painter, house painter maineville, house painting, interior painting, local house painters, Maineville exterior painting, painters, painting company, pressure washing, residential painters
Before painting picture

 Interior Painted Stripes are in for 2016
Stripes painted by Hadley & Son Painting
Maineville Oh 45039

Sunday, April 13, 2014

House Painting FAQ

Home Painting Questions and Answers
     from a local professional house painter.
home painting, house painter, house painter maineville, house painting, interior painting, local house painters, Maineville exterior painting, painters, painting company, pressure washing, residential painters
Q.) How do I know when it is time to repaint my home or business exterior?
A.) When your home’s exterior paint starts to fade is the best time to repaint. A typical paint job should last 5 to 10 years with many external contributing factors, varying the painting time frame. Depending on where you live, the climate, humidity, and weather conditions also effect the duration of your home paint job. More advanced signs of needing to paint are small cracks, flaking paint, and peeling paint. If left untreated this could lead to more serious problems with your home’s painted exterior where wood could become damaged and then other more serious repairs will be needed. You can always consult a professional painter to evaluate your home’s exterior painting needs.
Q.) What happens if my exterior paint is peeling and cracking?
A.) It is time to repaint, depending on the severity of the peeling paint and cracking paint. The longer paint is left to peel and crack the more chances the unpainted wood may deteriorate and need replaced. Most damage is hidden from view behind the lose paint and continues to worsen with the length of time it is left untreated. You should consult a professional painter to evaluate your home’s exterior painting needs.

Should I do the prep work myself before the painter comes to my home?A) No it is not necessary, When your painter estimates your home, he will factor all of the painting prep work needed . Unless you have experience in the field, it is best left to the professional painter you have hired. The prep work does change your bid somewhat , but the cost you save yourself, from having to repair or replace a second time, is well worth it

Q.) When is it too cold to paint my exterior?
A.) It is not recommended to paint below 40-45 degrees. There are special paints available for colder weather painting if painting must be done in colder temperatures. You should consult a professional painter to evaluate your home’s  painted exterior.

Q.) How soon should I call in advance to get my painting project completed by the date I need?
A.) A good rule is 2-4 weeks prior to the date you want your paint  job completed by. During the busy season April through Oct is best to schedule early. Also scheduling early gives you extra time to decide on your painting color choices.

Q.) I need a house painting estimate on a weekend is that a problem?
A.) No problem we have weekend and evening painting appointments available.

Q.) Do I need to be home for a painting estimate?
A.) It is best to be home for any painting estimate. To go over what type of painting you are wanting, (interior painting, exterior painting, etc.)with your house painter and so there is no confusion about the paint job. You will need to be home for any interior painting estimates, however you may not need to be home for an exterior painting estimate.  Your house painter can examine the exterior paint and condition of your home with no one home. If your not home you will need to go over any painting details at a later time with your house painter, so nothing will be missed at that time. Always make sure to note all painting and preparation concerns, so both you and your painter are aware.

Q.) Can I get a painting estimate over the phone if I have my room size?
A.) It is best to have your painting project evaluated in person, as to be fair to both you and your painter. There are many factors to take into consideration when quoting a paint job. Viewing the painting project will make sure no details are over looked, thus resulting in a fair price for all.

Q.) I am not sure on the paint color's I want, do you have paint color samples?
A.) Yes we have paint color samples to view in your home. If you can't decide on a color, we are happy to leave the painting color samples with you to help aid in your painting color choices. We also have some painting website links online, that show painting color samples. Painting tools are also available to view your painting color choices.

Q) How soon do I need to give you my painting color choices?A) There is no rush or pressure to pick your painting colors. Once your job is scheduled, we need the painting color choices the day before painting work begins. Giving you as much time as needed to pick your painting colors.
Q.) Do I need to remove my pictures from the walls before painting begins ?
A.) Yes it is best before hand to remove pictures and items hanging on your walls before painting begins.

Q.) Do I need to cover my home’s furnishing before my painting begins?
A.) We provide painting drop clothes and  paint covers to protect your homes furnishing. We are happy to cover items for you when we begin our painting work.

Q.) Will I need to clean up after my paint job is finished?                      
A.) No, we leave your painting project as clean as when we started      
Have a painting question?
Hadley & Son Painting Maineville Oh 45039 local house painters
Let Hadley & Son Painting answer any painting questions.

Q.) Do you do faux finish painting?
A.) No, That is a special painting service, that we do not offer.

 Q.) I want to paint my interior walls and get new flooring, which should I do first?
A.) Putting down the floor first will keep the painted walls from being damaged during the floor installation. It will also avoid an extra cost to repaint the walls with any spots that could get damaged during installation of the new floor.

Q.) I am selling my home should I repaint?
A.)  A fresh coat of paint is the most economical way to freshen up your home when selling. Providing the most cost effective way, to give your home curb appeal. Giving a new, clean, fresh appearance which may aid in selling your home.

Q.) My house was recently painted but looks dull and dirty, do I need to repaint?
A.) Repainting is only needed if the paint is fading, cracking, or you see peeling paint.  Pressure washing your home exterior will give it the fresh clean look of new paint, by removing dirt and insects from the surface. If your paint looks faded after an exterior pressure washing then you should consider repainting at that time. Pressure washing houses is one of our services, available to homeowners, and we also pressure wash commercial businesses.

 Q.) I have dirt on my painted walls are they washable?
 A.)  Most paints are washable. I do not recommend washing flat paint, it is best to touch up flat paint. Low luster,satin, semi gloss,and gloss paints are all washable. There are many good links on how to wash your painted walls  like
 Remember when washing a painted wall, that paint is a very thin material and light pressure is recommended, scrubbing or heavy pressure could remove the paint from the wall. If a stain is not removable then always call your professional house painter to advise if  provide touch up will solve the issue or if repainting the wall is the best option.

Hope this information was helpful and is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose your particular home painting project. As always you should consult a professional painting contractor to guide you in your choices for your home painting needs.